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Health care is the discipline concerned with the provision and delivery of health services to a patient population by personnel in professional and allied health occupations.

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    Cardiovascular mortality among the almost 600 million people living in the Eastern Mediterranean region (EMR) has been proposed to increase more dramatically in the next decade than in any other region except Africa. Turk-Adawi and colleagues summarize the available data on cardiovascular disease burden, risk factors, and treatment modalities for the EMR population.

    • Karam Turk-Adawi
    • , Nizal Sarrafzadegan
    • , Ibtihal Fadhil
    • , Kathryn Taubert
    • , Masoumeh Sadeghi
    • , Nanette K. Wenger
    • , Nigel S. Tan
    •  & Sherry L. Grace
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    Children with severe malnutrition (which includes severe wasting and kwashiorkor) have an elevated risk of serious illness and death, primarily from acute infectious diseases. In this Primer, the authors describe the multifactorial aetiology of severe malnutrition and the efforts needed to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger.

    • Zulfiqar A. Bhutta
    • , James A. Berkley
    • , Robert H. J. Bandsma
    • , Marko Kerac
    • , Indi Trehan
    •  & André Briend
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    This Review summarizes the latest findings on heart reverse remodelling, which demonstrate that despite apparent normalization of function, the molecular changes associated with heart failure persist in the reverse-remodelled heart. This myocardial remission is distinct from true recovery, in which both function and molecular makeup are normalized. These findings have implications for developing therapies to repair the failing heart.

    • Gene H. Kim
    • , Nir Uriel
    •  & Daniel Burkhoff
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    Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are widely used for gastric acid suppression in a number of gastric-acid-related diseases, including GERD. However, in recent years, increasing evidence of adverse events has been reported, raising concerns with clinicians and patients. This Review provides an update on the complications and risks of PPI use.

    • Peter Malfertheiner
    • , Arne Kandulski
    •  & Marino Venerito
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    NAFLD is growing in prevalence worldwide, and has emerged as a leading cause of end-stage liver disease in many countries. In this Review, the authors describe the global epidemiology of NAFLD, discuss associated risk factors and outline challenges for screening and management.

    • Zobair Younossi
    • , Quentin M. Anstee
    • , Milena Marietti
    • , Timothy Hardy
    • , Linda Henry
    • , Mohammed Eslam
    • , Jacob George
    •  & Elisabetta Bugianesi

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