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Biological sciences encompasses all the divisions of natural sciences examining various aspects of vital processes. The concept includes anatomy, physiology, cell biology, biochemistry and biophysics, and covers all organisms from microorganisms, animals to plants.


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    Direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs) are highly effective treatments for HCV, but are not always accessible to people who inject drugs (PWID). Here, Grebely and colleagues outline the epidemiology of HCV in PWID, discuss current data on DAA outcomes in this population and highlight steps required to broaden access to HCV therapy with the eventual goal of HCV elimination.

    • Jason Grebely
    • , Behzad Hajarizadeh
    •  & Gregory J. Dore
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    Assembly of the microtubule nucleus is energetically unfavourable and, in vivo, microtubule nucleation requires support, such as a stable template, to stabilize the initial weak interactions between tubulin dimers. Microtubules can also be nucleated in the absence of a template by certain microtubule-associated proteins, which stabilize the nascent nucleation intermediates.

    • Johanna Roostalu
    •  & Thomas Surrey
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    Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are being increasingly appreciated as important regulators of gene expression. Chang and colleagues review the roles identified for lncRNAs in the immune system and discuss models for how lncRNAs mediate their effects.

    • Y Grace Chen
    • , Ansuman T Satpathy
    •  & Howard Y Chang
    Nature Immunology 18, 962–972
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    Assessing development challenges for fisheries-dependent countries based on analyses of interactions and trade-offs between goals focusing on food, biodiversity and climate change.

    • Julia L. Blanchard
    • , Reg A. Watson
    • , Elizabeth A. Fulton
    • , Richard S. Cottrell
    • , Kirsty L. Nash
    • , Andrea Bryndum-Buchholz
    • , Matthias Büchner
    • , David A. Carozza
    • , William W. L. Cheung
    • , Joshua Elliott
    • , Lindsay N. K. Davidson
    • , Nicholas K. Dulvy
    • , John P. Dunne
    • , Tyler D. Eddy
    • , Eric Galbraith
    • , Heike K. Lotze
    • , Olivier Maury
    • , Christoph Müller
    • , Derek P. Tittensor
    •  & Simon Jennings

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